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Naima Akef - 1949

2012.05.23. 12:50 ::

This clip is from the 1949 film Set Al Beit (Lady of the House) Starring Faten Hamama and Emad Hamdi. Faten Hamama was the real-life wife of actor Omar Sherif and the only woman he was ever married to. This film is about a newly married couple who goes to live with the husband's domineering mother. Many clashes occur between the mother and the daughter in law because the mother in law is difficult and controlling. In this scene, the husband is fed up with the constant fighting between his wife and his mother so he has gone to a nightclub to escape them and to have a drink. The singer here is Abd El Aziz Mahmoud. The dancer is a very young Naima Akef. She only has two dance numbers in this film but no acting parts. Abd El Aziz Mahmoud does not have an acting part in the film either, he appears only as a singer. Abd El Aziz Mahmoud was a well known Sha3abi singer in the 40's and 50's and in fact in the credits of this 1949 film they list him as "The Sha3abi Singer Abd El Aziz Mahmoud". Proving that sha3abi is neither a new (post 60's) term for music nor a new genre of music.