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Melhem Barakat - Amarin

2012.05.23. 13:57 ::

Sabah - Sana Helwa (Happy Birthday)

2012.05.23. 13:40 ::

Sabah - Yana Yana

2012.05.23. 13:28 ::

Saba and Rola - napjainkbanés 1970-ben így énekelte Sabah a Yana Yana dalt

Hermeen - 1956.

2012.05.23. 13:13 ::

This clip is from the 1956 movie Nedaa Al Hob (The Call of Love) The song she is dancing to is called Zahret el Rabe3 (The Rose of Spring)

Soraya Salem - 1953.

2012.05.23. 13:10 ::

from the 1953 Egyptian film Khataf Merati (My Wife's Kidnapping) In this clip Sabah and Anwar Wagdi play the role of a couple who are practically strangers to each other but who's marriage has been arranged for them by their respective families in an attempt to merge their two family fortunes…

Naemet Mokhtar - 1954.

2012.05.23. 13:06 ::

From the 1954 film Khataf Merati (My wife's kidnapping) starring Anwar Wagdi and Sabah in the role of a couple who are to be married in spite of the fact that they barely know each other. Their families have arranged the marriage for them and both bride and groom are extremely wary and reluctant…

Samia Gamal - 1972.

2012.05.23. 13:00 ::

This clip is from the 1972 color film El Sheitan Wi el Kharif (The Devil and the Autumn) It was one of Samia Gamal's last movies if not the last, as it was released in August of 1972. In the film credits it says that this was her return to films after a long absence. She co-stars in it with…

Naima Akef - 1949

2012.05.23. 12:50 ::

This clip is from the 1949 film Set Al Beit (Lady of the House) Starring Faten Hamama and Emad Hamdi. Faten Hamama was the real-life wife of actor Omar Sherif and the only woman he was ever married to. This film is about a newly married couple who goes to live with the husband's domineering…

Samia Gamal - montázs

2012.05.23. 12:47 ::

Fairouz (Film: 1950)

2012.05.23. 12:42 ::

This is from the 1950 film Yasmin. Egyptian star Fairouz plays the role of an orphaned girl who teams up with a struggling musician (played by Anwar Wagdy) and they perform together. In this clip Fairouz demonstrates how gifted she was in many styles of dance, and does some very impressive…

Orit Maftsir

2012.05.19. 19:49 ::

In Memoriam - WARDA (1940-2012)

2012.05.18. 14:50 ::

Kecskeméti Anett (Kahena) - 2011. Nile Group Fesztivál első helyezettje Kairóban

2012.05.16. 14:24 ::


Om Kalthoum - Enta Omri

2012.05.15. 12:36 ::

Fifi Abdou - beledi

2012.05.15. 12:31 ::

Raqia Hassan and Mahmoud Reda

2012.05.15. 12:29 ::

Farida Fahmy and Mahmoud Reda

2012.05.15. 12:28 ::

Hadia - Alf leila wa leila

2012.05.15. 12:27 ::

Hadia - Assaya (saidi)

2012.05.15. 12:25 ::

Serena Ramzy - We Mali Bas

2012.05.15. 12:24 ::

Amar Gamal - Modern Beledi

2012.05.15. 12:20 ::

Jillina - dances classical and to an oriental pop song

2012.05.15. 12:19 ::

Alexey Riaboshapka belly dancers parody

2012.05.15. 12:17 ::

Egy igazán vicces video Alexey Riaboshapka orosz táncművésztől. A sztár orientális táncosok, akiket imitál:1. Elena Ramazanova2. Aida Hassan3. Maria Shashkova4. Dina5. Orit Maftsir 

Amr Diab - Habibi ya Omri 2/és lehet így is...

2012.05.15. 12:12 ::

Amr Diab - Habibi ya Omri 1/lehet így is...

2012.05.15. 12:11 ::